10 Best Online Freebies

10 Online Freebies that Won Our Hearts! Hands Down!

There is no dearth of avenues with the help of which you can secure freebies. Talk about email newsletters, free samples at Walmart, free membership on different websites that are dedicated to offering freebies including games, educational products, ebooks and clothes.

The instances of rampant freebie scams notwithstanding, netizens have been particularly liberal in hailing a bevy of the freebies that they have found online! Take a look to be informed! Try your luck without delay!

1. Credit Scores

They top our list quite simply because of their significance in our lives! You want to know your credit scores before making crucial financial decisions like securing a loan or purchasing an insurance policy. Most of the websites or online services that you opt for end up charging you abnormally high. Not so with Credit Sesame though! It takes about ninety seconds to find out about your credit scores from this site and that too for free!

2. Baby Products!

Don’t believe us? Check out Freestuff.com in that case! As they say, there is possibly an endless variety of free stuff to be availed here. Besides, baby stuff, there are:

Samples of cosmetic products
Food and drinks
Sporting goods

Stoked much? Do explore this website in a bid to unravel more! You obviously don’t have to pay for them but there might as well be a few stipulations attached to the same. For instance, they might as well ask you to take a survey for impressive freebies! So, acquiring freebies from here means you have got work to do!

Besides, there is the Honest Company which offers completely sustainable latex-free free diapers!

3. Coconut Oil

From cooking to makeup removal – there’s basically a host of things that can be done with the help of coconut oil. It’s often dubbed as the miracle product. The benefits offered by it leave little room for doubt! There are popular online stores that might as well offer you a free coconut oil sample just for signing up!

4. Prescription Delivery

Talk about the trouble that you have to take every month running to the pharmacy to refill prescriptions (and paying up for the services as well!) So, the first thing that you need to do to do away with this hassle is to sign up for Phil’s free prescription delivery services. They are the ones responsible for simplifying many a lives by allowing insurance companies to handle payment issues.

5. Godiva Chocolates

Decadence comes free! What else do you want? The good news is that it’s not a one-time deal but once you sign up you will have access to free chocolates every month at the participating locations!


6. Dunkin Donuts!

It’s the DD rewards program which is doin’ the talking here. The first internet freebie is in the form of a free drink the first time you sign up. Then there’s a free drink on your birthday as well.

7. Amazon Gift Cards!

If Amazon is your go-to shopping destination then make sure you are not missing out on your opportunity to earn money every month by helping the website research the prevalent market preferences.

8. Free Points!

Swagbucks is your proverbial haven of free stuff online. Just look this one up and earn points just by shopping, searching something, watching videos or for that matter taking surveys. And what exactly will the freebies earned here promise you? Free gift cards to popular stores like Target, Amazon, Walmart and more!

9. Protection from Identity Theft

Something which should be prioritized by netizens across the globe with equal fervour! Once again Credit Sesame earns our votes hands down here. Besides free credit score checking facilities, it also offers you protection again cyber theft (of identity) Keep track of your finances. The free identity theft protection feature will actually alarm you against changes on your credit report. What more? There is an identity theft insurance policy worth $50,000 in the fray as well!

10. Coffee Samples!

Turn to Free Samples.Org for this one! Let us tell you that the site updates its offerings every twenty four hours so that users can not only have access to coffee samples but other free stuff including pet product samples, samples of health products and vitamin supplements as well.

The very famous Blue Bottle Beans is actually up for the grabs as well! Whoa!!! The company has its 2 ounce trial for its loyalists where they are only required to subscribe by entering their credit card info. They will be sending you an e-mail before charging you. Be sure to cancel the subscription if you don’t want to be charged. Most of the coffee connoisseurs out there however opine that they’ve had no inclination to do so after they’ve had the first sip of the delicious coffee!

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