Make Money while you Booze

5 Ways to Make Money while you Booze

Making money while boozing!! Are you crazy?? This is how one of my friends exclaimed when I had told him that I made $5000 last month just by visiting stores and buying beer (and of course drinking). Well, I bagged the job of Alcohol Compliance Auditor last month only.

There’s no big deal dude. And there’s basically nothing alien with making money while boozing. There are many awesome but strange career options to make a great amount of money – you can get paid for buying grocery or drink beer. And yes, yes, yes, I preferred the last option – buying beer – arguably (unarguably I suppose) one of the best things to get paid for.

But yeah…I know this well that my job profile may not look attractive on a resume. Never mind, I’m not bothered at all about how my resume looks like as far as it relates to something that ensures a great income with immense fun without putting huge energy or effort. This is just a kick-ass job and I just love it.

What did I do?

Throughout the previous month, I worked as an alcohol compliance auditor and bought beer from different unwary cashiers at renowned stores such as Exxon Mobil, Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie and lots more.

As a compliance auditor, all I needed to do was to watch if the cashier asked for my ID that most do otherwise.
Irrespective of whether or not they asked me to show my ID, I bought the beer, submitted the bill and filled out a simple report to get paid for my audit. Everything is done just to retrain the cashiers who missed to check IDs before they could be caught by other auditors for doing such an unlawful kind.

What is the job profile of an Alcohol Compliance Auditor?

Alcohol compliance auditors are typically field agents who perform age-verification compliance audit for buying alcohol from gas stations, grocery stores, supermarkets and other establishments that vend alcohol.
No, it’s not typically like compliance check and audit done by TTB. And I’m not talking about a TTB auditor. I’m just talking about beer audit as a mystery shopper during the extra time.

These are some important things about alcohol compliance audit:

  • As an alcohol/beer compliance auditor, you’ve to work secretly and purchase beer or other alcoholic beverages to see if the cashiers check buyers’ ID properly while billing.
  • Companies hire beer/alcohol auditors to reduce the potential risk of non-compliance and so maintain their brand’s goodwill.
  • Alcohol auditors usually work with mystery shopping companies that hire auditors from the pool of mystery shoppers.

How much can you make?

Well, as I’ve already told you that the job of an alcohol compliance auditor is a self-assigned job. So you can take as much as you want. Just visit your agent portal, log in, and choose your assignment. Usually, people make $10 to $20 per assignment. But you can make even more – anywhere between $5 and $50 per assignment depending on the task you choose.

What are the requirements for becoming an Alcohol Compliance Auditor?

Don’t worry friends. If you’re looking for a part-time job that ensures great fun while working and ends up in paying a good chunk of money every month, try becoming an alcohol compliance auditor. Let’s have a look at the basic requirements for getting a job of alcohol compliance auditor.
You must be between 18 and 30 for the job.

Fill out a simple application form with a company like The Source or Sinclair Customer Metrics. Such companies actually work as mediators who work for leading stores to audit the stores across the country and provide them with valuable information to help them make better and more educated business decisions. These companies appoint independent field agents like alcohol or tobacco compliance auditor, collect reports from the agents, and then pass them on to the top brass.

The companies may ask you to take a small sip before you get hired. This is pretty simple.

Once you’re hired, you can start searching for suitable jobs. These are self-assigned jobs, i.e., you need to pick a store you want to visit for auditing. Based on your home state, you might find hundreds of locations to choose from. You can audit any or all of them as per your wish.

Once you’re done with your job, submit a simple report. It takes hardly 5 minutes to complete the report. Besides, you also need to submit a scanned copy of the invoice. For each assignment, you can expect an amount between $5 and $30. However, I would suggest you choose a location where the companies have a hard time finding an auditor. I personally visited such locations and made up to $50 per assignment. But you can also take multiple assignments in close proximity to maximize your income. Make sure you plan the route properly so you can cover more stores in less time. The companies will also reimburse you for the purchases required to make, for making your visit unsuspicious.
Now booze and chill. It’s your bonus.

Plan your route, take the right assignments and earn a lucrative amount every month as an efficient alcohol/beer compliance auditor.

Enjoy your glass responsibly.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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