7 Ways to Earn Playing Video Games

Do you want to be the next Sumail Hassan, Saahil Arora, or Peter Dager and earn millions just by playing video games?

An average pro gamer can earn anything from $1,000 to $5,000 in monthly salaries apart from the money that you win via participating in tournaments. What is more, if you can become one of the League of Legends players, you can earn up to $15,000 a month.

However, if you can secure a place in one of the top eSports teams namely Team OG, Evil Geniuses, or Team Liquid, you too can earn millions every month. In fact, Sahil Arora (a.k.a., UNiVeRsE) — amassed nearly $2m playing Dota 2 in 39 tournaments.

Yes, the tournaments can make you rich only if you’re really, really good.

Over the years, gaming has become increasingly popular among all age groups. Many considered this as a lucrative earning option and became full time pro gamers.

And if you anyhow belong to this new wave of gamers, you’ve probably thought at some point to take this as a profession or earn from it.

Luckily, there’re a many ways to earn playing video games or staying in the industry.

Video Game Tournaments

The eSports tournament named League of Legends can win you millions of dollars and fans, but it’ll probably take you a decade to practise and compete at that level.

What you can do alternatively is participate in amateur tournaments and earn $5 – $10 per match. GamerSaloon is an online video gaming site where you can start earning by opening a free account if you’re 18 years or more. The more you win, the more you earn.

In GamerSaloon, you can take part in popular games that include Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Fifa 19, UFC 3, Fortnite, NBA and more.

Beta Tester

You can earn thousands even by becoming a beta tester. Nowadays, video game companies pay millions to beta testers before they release a product in the market. Wouldn’t it be nice to test a product before it’s actually in the market, and even getting paid for it?

Actually, it’d be!

Several companies pay beta testers to play for feedback and fix the knots before they launch the product for the mass market.

If you live near Redmond, Washington, you’re quite lucky because Nintendo has hired two agencies to beta test games on their site.

There’s VMC Consulting, another tech agency who runs a Global Beta Test Network, and have partnered with major video game companies to test multiplayer video games player in both gaming consoles and PCs. You must use Discord (a chat messaging system for gamer) to provide feedback.

Start Streaming

No, it’s not Netflix or YouTube streaming. In the gaming world, streaming has an altogether different meaning. It’s simply a live feed of someone playing a game where he can interact with the viewers via a chatroom system and maybe can accept help in real time or teach.

There’re a whole lot of free streaming services and the most popular is Twitch.tv. You don’t need to be a pro gamer to stream. You can stream if you’re good at gaming an can engage. One streamer, Brett Hoffman — aka Dakotaz — turned his streaming hobby into a six-figure salary.

You can earn through subscriptions, tips from viewers, and ad revenue.

Tap on Second Life

Even after 15 years of its inception, Second Life is still thriving with a client base of 750,000.

Second Life is a video game that the founders created to revolutionize the internet and it’s far more than just a video game. There’s not clear objective. The entire thing lies on the whims of the users. In Second Life, you can date, have children, build your abode, and travel to replicas of famous destinations.

In Second Life, people spend years to carve out what they hope to achieve in there. Some even hire real life experts to build digital replicas of real life stuffs. You can design a bank, a Disneyland, and even a Jurassic Park if you know the trade. There’s even a journalist named Wagner James Au, who works inside this victual world and writes on in-game artists and business personnel.

Since its launch in 2003, many people have invested billions of dollars of real money in this virtual world and earned millions individually. You need $1 to purchase $250 Linden – the in-game currency of Second Life. The level of customization in this virtual world is really at granular levels, and real life experts are eager to offer their expertise in this virtual world too for money. The main focus of investment is in real estate and fashion.

For business ideas and meeting the entrepreneurs of Second Life, check out this business website.

For other business ideas and examples of Second Life entrepreneurs, check out its business site.

Teach Others

If you’re a legend at Fortnite or Team Liquid, you can share your winning strategies to earn cash.

Superprof is a tutoring platform where you can learn the latest competitive strategies from the legends. Gamer Sensei is another platform where you can learn gaming lessons. Gamer Sensei hires the pros in the industry who are experts in specific games like Counter-Strike, Fortnite, DOTA 2 , and of course, League of Legends.

You can also earn via buying, selling, and trading video game contents in the popular video game marketplace Gameflip Gigs.

Sell your Old Games

If you’re an avid gamer and have conquered many in past, you may consider selling your old games once you’re finished.

Your pile of old games can fund your next virtual adventure. You may also rent your old games and have recurrent income from it rather than parting with them altogether.

Gameflip too allows users to buy and sell video games and gift cards online. You may also use eBay to sell your old stuff. But you may face a bunch of additional fees if you don’t meet the sites minimum seller service standards.

Prepare Guides

If you’ve successfully completed a game several times, you can prepare guides to help fellow gamer achieve the feat. You may prepare articles to share or YouTube videos to stream.

If you’ve heard of Stephen Robinson aka Moniker Ratty Star, he has created YouTube guides for a post apocalyptic game, Fallout 76. Several gaming publications namely Escapist Magazine, Kataku, Game Informer, and GamesRadar+ accept freelance writers to publish video game guides and commentary. Another publication GameSkinny pays you based on the number of views your article gets

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