Bike Sharing Program

3 Reasons Bike Sharing is Categorically, Outrightly, and Sustainably Awesome

Bike sharing remains one of the most popular “economical moves” of late and it’s least surprising that cities across the globe are warming up to the idea. The economical value of the concept — we will eventually end up discussing the same in the course of this post.

However, origin of the concept defies the gravity of it all. Why did so many people across the U.S. slowly start shifting to bikes from cars or cabs while commuting? Simply because they did not want to be stuck while on their way to their office. They chose cyclists over cab drivers – cyclists who would eventually navigate easily their way through the traffic and take you to your respective destination in way less time than what would have been the case if you had taken the conventional route.

1. Shared Bikes are Economically Viable!

The results today are for everyone to see! It was only in the last year that people in the U.S resorted to 28 million rides on shared bikes. The staggering figures as reported by the National Association of City Transportation Officials only go on to demonstrate the enormity of it all. The financial value of the bike sharing programs can only be acknowledged once you realize that you can actually end up saving tons of money by resorting to it. Look up Bikemunk’s database and you will come to know that the average annual fee for the shared bike programs is something between $40 – $99. It’s cheaper because it requires no gas and lower maintenance than vehicles as well. And, it is even cheaper for students.

Bike Sharing Program

2. It’s Sustainability should be Factored as well

At the heart of the enormous momentum gained by bike-sharing programs is sustainability as well. Seattle, for one, has actually ended up attracting a lot of praise for its efforts towards that end. Right from its introduction of regional bus and shared car programs to its streamlined traffic control measures – this particular city has always demonstrated remarkable diligence towards that end. Seattle is one of those cities to have embraced this concept recently. A representative of the Seattle City Council – Tom Rasmussen opines that they have time and again encouraged and initiated programs that facilitate mobility round the city. He further opined that programs like these not only help a big city like Seattle move more conveniently but also contribute to the overall physical fitness of individuals who are actually taking part in these programs.

3. Shared Bike Programs: What do Recent Studies have to Say?

As per a recent study, residents who cycled their way from home to work and vice versa went on to experience 30% reduction in mortality. According a study published on a British Medical Journal, the numbers actually rose to 41%!

So, one can actually acknowledge that the popularity of the “no engine, no pollution” concept is well placed.

It has also been wisely pointed out that shared bike programs have actually turned out to be a major tourist attraction of late as well. And, that definitely goes on to append to their economical significance.

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