Starbucks Is Giving Away $1M Worth of Gift Cards. Get Yours!

If you truly believe that gift cards typically take the stress off your gift-giving responsibilities, then this post is meant for you. Documented below are details of Starbucks’s gift giving initiative—everything you would want to know about Project Give Good.

Gift Cards: Looking Back

To start off proceedings in this regard, let us tell you that gift cards introduced in the year 1994 were primarily geared towards empowering the buyers. Gift cards are nothing but prepaid cards issued by specific banks or retailers for buyers so that they are able to buy exactly what they need. Now, as heartening as this piece of information might be, let us tell you that not all gift cards are worth your bucks. Purchasers in general (as has been established by surveys) are not really in favor of selecting gift cards arbitrarily but only from select brands. Needless to say, Starbucks remains one of the prevalent choices of some of the most sagacious buyers out there.

All About Project Give Good

And, this season, the decorated brand is living up to your trust—aptly seizing this momentous opportunity to give it back to you for your loyalty. The brand is actually giving away $1 million in gift cards. As part of its Project Give Good Initiative, the brand is actually giving away $1 million dollars in gifts cards! And, the significance of this initiative multiplies by several notches when you actually consider that these cards are meant for local heroes in communities across the globe. As per Time Money reports, the representatives of the brand are supposed to hand out the gift cards at variant events including caroling, lighting ceremonies and noteworthy local celebrations.

Project Give Good

Who can Get These Gift Cards?

While it is widely known as of now that those living in New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles will have access to these gift cards, those living in the smaller cities can keep a close track of proceedings on the Starbucks website or follow #GiveGood on social media. In this regard, it should especially be noted that those living in the smaller cities can also enjoy these gift cards, provided they are keeping a watch on social media.

With Project Give Good, the brand is now bracing up to incorporate automatic gold status in its reward program. This status can be accessed by users for a year who avail the Starbucks app or the registered Starbucks card for purchases in December. Usually, the gold status can only be accessed by members who earn 300 points within a 12-month period.

The Perks

The Give Good initiative actually leaves users with mind-blowing perks that also include:

A gold colored card from the brand
Free drink or free food for every 125 stars earned by them
Free birthday rewards
Free in-house refills
Phone payment facilities
Exclusive member offers

Project Give Good Initiative is worth your consideration – especially because it comes from the stable of none other Starbucks. Make sure that you are educating yourself more about the nuances of the Starbucks gifts cards before availing the same. Hope this primer has been of help as well.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

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