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Should you Invest in a Carpet from Home Depot?

Massive discounts – and that too, from a giant conglomerate! Does it really translate to an infallible deal while buying carpets? Home Depot- one of the Giant National Retailers – quite surprisingly – doesn’t really have the heartiest of endorsements backing its services! Like its counterparts Costco, Lowe’s and Empire Today, it outsources almost all its “sales” needs to other companies.

It immediately translates to YOU paying way more – besides of course other vagaries! Here is our take on why – anyone eager to invest trust and money in Home Depot – should consider reading this!

Should you consider Home Depot Carpet Installation?

The answer to the aforementioned question cannot really be a resounding yes! The customer voices clearly contradict the company’s claims of superiority! We will eventually delve into details. However, let’s consider the demerits of their practice of outsourcing their sales and installation needs in the first place.

As has been mentioned above, you end up paying more! The exorbitant measuring, disposals and padding fee can all be attributed to the fact that the giants end up pocketing a large chunk of profit. They pave the way for the small retailers to earn as well. And you the buyer end up coughing up huge!

And all for what? Even when you’re facing a problem, you will eventually have a hard time accessing a solution. There are too many names involved with a single piece of carpet and too few to take the responsibility to set things right! Documented below are other reasons why Home Depot shouldn’t really be the undisputed answer to your carpeting needs!

You cannot really expect them to contract their needs to the best
The company that they are sending over to your place has been poorly reviewed! It has already happened and we have got user feedback to back our claims!

One of the users on a reputed forum on being asked whether one should opt for HD’s “cost-efficient” services or not, replied:

“We’re getting some HD carpet installed a week from today. So I should know by then if it was a good idea.

Residential construction is crazy busy here, so HD is probably not pulling in the best contractors to do install, especially at such low prices. The company they’re sending out to my house has one star on Yelp”!!

Their deals are not trustworthy!

60% off on new carpets! Three rooms for the price of one! Free installation! Free padding! Low price guarantee!

Wait before you’re blown away by its promises! They say that there is crucial need to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line! What most of the homeowners out there have failed to fathom is that only the basic installation costs are low!!

They make up for it with the expensive installation and padding fee! Beware! Poor reviews are the order of the day for this brand!

Forget about carpeting, people getting in touch with HD have had issues regarding every aspect of home refurbishment! Once again, we have got customer voices backing our claims!

“Everyone who I have known use HD for contractors (flooring, remodel, windows, etc) has had major issues and was unhappy with it.

Check other flooring stores–many do free installation.

I also would not use laminate in kitchens or baths–it gets damaged by moisture/water.

Wait until you can cover the costs in cash for what you truly want.”

They are accused of disrespecting consumers

Luring unsuspecting homeowners with scammy offers is one thing and demonstrating total disregard for their needs is quite another. Most of the users have voiced their dissatisfaction in this regard. Do consider the following customer review before accessing the services of the company:

“This is the second attempt dealing with having a window consult done, first appointment I got a call stating this person who was suppose to be here in a hour can’t make it because he’s gone over on another install. They said it’ll have to be rescheduled. {Upset about this. Had to reschedule daily activities and take time off work.} Next appointment I said I want to be the very first appointment of the day. Was scheduled for Tuesday 3/6/18 at 8 am and guess what. No call/no show. Got up early, dressed hurried the day along so we would be ready when he comes. NOBODY CAME or SHOWED UP!!! DO NOT use Home Depot for any install. Call around. Total disrespect for the consumer. I will most certainly use a more reliable company in the future. I am very mad and upset how we were treated.”

Stoked much? Still?

All’s not that bad!

Last but not the least, with the help of more in-depth search you will eventually be able to dig out some positivity as well! Weighed against the concerns that have so far been documented, one can hardly find heart in a review like this!

Gloria of Chicago, IL

“Destiny was very good and helpful and make sure I got the best deal with my purchase. I will buy again and recommend it to friend and everybody so they will be treated with kindness and respect. Also she is very knowledgeable about their product. I will buy again my refrigerator with this company soon. Thanks so much. I can give her 10. Thanks to Hossein also for his help.”

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