15 Handpicked Frugal Blogs to Follow in 2019

As per the The Associated Press – NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, it’s not late when Americans would just find it difficult to scrounge even $1000 for emergencies. In America, number of consumers (aged 60+) with student loan debt has quadrupled over the last year. Credit files of more than 77 million Americans report outstanding debt in collections.

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Are you scared? So much that you have been calculating your debts? Making efforts to beef up education through blogs is of course advisable.

Whether you’re staying on top of your finances, lagging behind, or just need some fresh perspective, there are a plethora of blogs available now to seek any type of information you want.

Here’s our handpicked list of the top 15 frugal blogs to follow this year!

1. Everybody Loves Your Money

As part of the prestigious District Media, LLC, this particular blog not only offers effective tips on spending, but keeps you informed about the latest financial news including stocks, retirement and even celeb net-worth! Being frugal is not only about spending only what you need but being financially informed to take other crucial decisions on retirement, insurance and saving wisely as well. Remember the name –Everybody Loves your Money!

2. Get Rich Slowly

The name is self-explanatory! This particular blog teaches you to get build your wealth slowly – over a passage of time! A blog which unassailable prioritizes high quality content—is literally infused with wisdom regarding every aspect of your money starting from your yard sale to your biggest investments!

3. The Simple Dollar

Simple because “Personal Finance doesn’t have to be complicated.” And, they have also claimed that “we’ll help you”. And helped – they did! This is the reason – perhaps- why they have made it to the top of the top 25 personal finance blogs to follow immediately. Pick up invaluable tips on a plethora of financial aspects including frugal living, credit cards and net worth improvement.

4. Personal Finance Advice

This blog – let us tell you—is actually for everyone irrespective of his/her financial situation. Visit Pfadvice.com to explore avenues of improving your finances. When you’re lagging far behind your financial goals— it’s this kind of advisory blogs that you should ideally turn to!

5. Frugal Woods

This one is seriously about “personal finance”! Not really about those unknown voices documenting finance tips and sounding omnipotent but about a “real couple” speaking about their journey o fiscal freedom through their blogs. Frugalwoods is all about their financial success through frugality!

6. Budgets are Sexy!

Of course they are! More so when you find that you are not feeding on those “money lies” anymore or when you find that there are legit ways to keep your finances n track when your “landlord has actually got you out of his house. Visit the site to explore!

7. Oblivious Investor!

This one is for investors! And, since we said that frugality is not only about arbitrary saving but prudent use of the same – this one has easily made its way to our list! Trust this virtual wizard of investing called Mike Piper to guide you through the most complex nuances of investing! This Oblivious Investor also writes books on finance!

8. Monster Piggy Bank

This one comes from a man who wants to chronicle his entire “saving” journey through his blogs! Glen Stephenson – who runs Monster Piggy Bank wants you to inspire similarly as well. And damn you’ll be inspired!

9. Penny Hoarder

Penny Hoarder quite delightfully comes up with small yet very interesting and effective ways to save money! As they say, this site is either about saving money or else earning more money! Navigate through a wide range of tips to earn money from home or budgeting or getting freebies.

10. Afford Anything

Afford Anything is for anyone who is willing to grasp the ways in which mortgages work and the ways in which you can still be on track of your financial goals while you’re clearing off your mortgage. Let blogger Paula be your guide!

11. Man Vs Debt

This blog asks you to sell off your crap in order to pay off your debts. You have got Adam and Courtney Baker at the helm of things here—two people who actually embarked on travel adventures after paying off their debt.

12. Modest Money

So, Modest Money is your access to in-depth knowledge on personal finance. We have got experienced contributors who help you secure firm control over your finances at every step of your life. Their new model offers you specific news related to investing, credit, debt and real estate among others.

13. iMoney Learning Centre

Straight to Philippines now! You actually have got a blog for millennial in Philippines. This one helps you pick up important finance hacks and compare important financial attributes such as credit card, broadband, loans and much more!

14. Money saving Mom

One has got to give it to this one! Freebies, coupon codes, grocery budget and detailed discussions on how to start your own blog for the sake of earning money! Crystal Paine makes sure that it’s not only the mums and dads that are turning to the site but everyone looking for in-depth guide.

15. The Frugal Entrepreneur

Frugal Entrepreneur is for all the small businesses out there. It aims to assist these businesses find the right resources including software, taxes and automation among others—so that entrepreneurs don’t have devote those excruciatingly long hours to find the right one for them. They can peacefully divert focus on core activities in that case!

Do you have any blog in mind that we somehow missed? You can suggest us in the comments.

Hope to hearing from you soon!

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